“Rumba Tours Agency LLC” - Terms and conditions 

Complete this form prior to the day of rental 

Below are the guidelines that must be followed while riding on the bus failure to do so may result in the termination of your event and or loss of deposit. 

The term “Client” “You”, “Your” shall mean the individual whose signature appears below in this Agreement and its entire guests. 

On the road - While the bus is in motion, passengers are to be seated. Passengers are always to be behind the driver’s white line. Standing while the bus is in motion could result in passenger injury. Rumba Tours Agency LLC is not responsible for any injuries due to a passenger who stands while the bus is in motion. 

Alcohol and other substances 
a. Customers of age 21 and over may provide their own alcohol beverages. Customers 21 and over may consume the beverages. No one under 21 years of age may consume alcohol under any circumstances. “Rumba Tours Agency LLC” does not provide alcohol to customers.
b. Kegs are not allowed, smoking and or usage of illegal drugs is prohibited. In the event of smoke or consumption of illegal drugs, the Rumba Tours Agency LLC reserves the right to cancel the rental and withhold security deposit.
c. If any participant or guest becomes unduly intoxicated, Rumba Tours Agency LLC reserves the sole right to restrict such participants or guests from entering into participating venues/bars. 
d. No drinks are to be taken outside of the bus during stops. Drinks must stay inside the bus at all times.

Food policy – Food is not allowed on the vehicles. Should the customers bring food into the bus a $50 cleaning fee. 
Vomit/Urine - Should a passenger vomit/urinate in or on the bus, this will result in a $200 charge, which the main contact of the reservation is responsible for.
Firearms and Knives – Firearms and knives of any kind are not allowed. 

The driver inspects each vehicle before, and after each rental. In the event of damage, the customer shall be responsible for any repairs or extreme cleaning. 
● Cracked or Broken Windows 
● Smoking Burns 
● Damage to Seats 
● Damage to Lights, TV, or Stereo Equipment 
● Excessive spillage of liquids and or vomit 

Customer will be held responsible for the balance. 

If the requested service is no longer needed, the written notice (email to reservations@rumbatoursmiami.com) is to be given 45 business days or more before the event date for the total amount to be refunded. If less than 45 days’ notice is given the customer is responsible for half of the estimated total due. If less than 14 days’ notice is given the customer is responsible for 2/3rd of the total, if less than 3 days written notice is given the customer is responsible for the total estimated cost. 

Weather Policy 
In case of extreme weather or bad forecast “Rumba Tours Agency LLC” reserves the right to cancel charter as safety is our main priority. If this scenario arises, a 12-month long rain- check will be provided to the customer. 

Additional charges policy 
Additional charges may apply to your event in the case of breach of contract or additional service needed. The client acknowledges that the contract is based on an hourly rate, the distance of the event and vehicle conditions after the event. Additional time charges are determined on half-hour increments, the post-event cleaning fee is enforced if any excessive cleaning is needed. If the deposit does not cover the additional charges an invoice will be sent and charged to the credit card on file. 

As part of this Agreement, and for no additional consideration or agreement, the Client hereby consents to the use of its name, image, and likeness for promotional or commercial purposes, including photographs and videotapes arising out of its participation in an event. 
The Client hereby assigns all right, title and interest it may have in or to any and all media in which your image or likeness might be used by “Rumba Tours Agency LLC. The Client agrees not to make any claim of a violation of its rights of publicity or privacy as a result of Rumba Tours Agency LLCs’ exercise of the rights hereunder. 
“Rumba Tours Agency LLC” and its employees are not responsible for any claims of injuries, loss, damage, death, liability, criminal or civil litigation for individuals participating in or relating to an event. 
“Rumba Tours Agency LLC” is not responsible for injuries or accidents in and around the bus. Alcohol impairs motor skills, balance, and judgment. Move at your own risk. Be cautious. 
“Rumba Tours Agency ” is NOT LIABLE in any case of unexpected vehicle breakdowns, accidents, severe weather or anything that may delay a timely arrival or cause cancellation of a trip. In the event of a cancellation due to mechanical problems, the trip may be rescheduled for another date. 

I [[Enter Full Name]] have read the attached terms and conditions and agree to abide by them. I accept full responsibility for any and all damages or thefts that occur during my rental for all members involved in my event. I agree that if any persons are added during the trip, who are NOT part of the original group, it will be at the discretion of the Contracted Person/ Driver ONLY. I have the right to inspect the Bus prior to my trip and report any noticed damage. I have accepted “Rumba Tours Agency LLC” in good faith and agree to the listed price. I agree to pay for all services rendered at the time of pick-up, and any additional hours at the trips end. I will personally explain these rules to the people of my group and any added passengers during the trip. 

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