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Celebrate Your Graduation With our Open Top Party Buses

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

If COVID-19 ruined your graduation, a post-lockdown celebration is definitely in order and Rumba Tours is on hand to help! A lot of school’s traditional graduations were unable to go ahead but you can honor your hard work or arrange a treat for your students with a parade in Miami.

At Rumba Tours, we’ve participated in school parades with South Miami High-school, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and Schoolhouse Preparatory.

Our team is dedicated to giving you the graduation celebrations that you deserve and everyone that's rented our buses say it’s the best way to commemorate the end of school.

Our open-air buses are perfect for letting your hair down and planning an amazing school send-off. You, your friends and your family can hop on board as we drive you around Miami. Our buses include a premium sound system so you can hook up your party playlist, a cooler for drinks and the open-air design so see Miami in all its glory.

Get dressed up and make yourself at home on our party buses.

Whether you want a sophisticated celebration with family or friends or you want to celebrate your success with an onboard party, our team will do all they can to give you the best graduation tour. Now’s the time to let us do the hard work!

When you book with Rumba Tours, you get:

  • An open-air bus that holds up to 30 passengers

  • At home pick-ups from certain areas in Miami or an agreed meeting point so everyone can board together

  • Your own chauffeur to drive you around the city

  • A great atmosphere with amazing music and a private tour around Miami. We have an on-board DJ or you can play your own music through the speakers

  • A cooler and icebox so you can enjoy drinks throughout your ride

Want to celebrate your graduation on the ultimate party bus? Get in touch and let Rumba Tours escort you around Miami in style! We can plan a custom tour for you and your friends that you’ll never forget.

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