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COVID-19 | Don't Cancel Your Chiva Tour, Modify your date

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

As the spread of the Coronavirus leads to uncertain times for people around the world, our hearts go out to those who have been impacted. 

As always, our number one priority is you, and we stand by any decision you make for your health. We fully understand concerns you may have during this time, and are aware that many of your travel plans will have to change.

As they do, we’d like to strongly encourage you to reschedule your tour rather than cancel, so that you can still enjoy the incredible experience you booked at a later date. 

This is a tough time for the tourism industry, and by rescheduling your booking you are offering much-needed support to a Miami local business – as well as giving yourself an adventure to look forward to!

We can get through this together, and on behalf of the RumbaTours Miami team, we wish you and your loved ones safety, health, and happiness even in the most difficult of times.

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