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Rumba Tours Participates in the Miami Beach Pride Parade 2022

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Whether it’s a street party, celebration, or charitable cause we love getting involved in Miami’s incredible events. This month we got our engines going and joined one of the city’s most vibrant, inclusive, and fun events of the year - the Miami Beach Pride Parade!

As always, Rumba Tours was incredibly proud to get involved and be a part of the welcoming community of Miami.

What is Miami Beach Pride?

Miami Beach Pride is a week-long event that invites everyone to celebrate the unique spirit and culture of the LGBTQ+ community. In support and celebration of the community and its allies, one of the event highlights includes the festival and parade where people come together and most importantly have fun!

How did we get involved?

This year Rumba Tours hit the road in 3 of our vibrant buses in collaboration with various companies. We took part in this incredible parade on Sunday that runs from 5th to 15th streets along Ocean Drive, driving alongside lavish floats, colorful flags, and local drag queens — just some of the things you can expect at this celebration of unity, inclusion, and equality.

We worked closely with Miami Heat who custom wrapped one of our open-air party buses in pride-themed colors exclusively for the parade as well as a ‘proud and love wins’ sign for all to see. Rumba Tours was fully immersed in the celebrations of the day. We had a custom speaker system installed on each side of the bus so everyone at the parade could enjoy the music.

It was great to see so many people supporting each other in a safe and happy environment. Happy Pride!

Hire us at your next parade

Book one of our open-air party buses for any upcoming parade. Our buses are one of the best ways to participate in parades like this one because our vehicles are made for this and the open-air design provides amazing views. Who doesn’t want to ride in style?

We know Miami like the back of our hands so if you're looking for fun, vibrant and reliable transportation for an event, choose us! Our buses are ready to go when you need them. From the Miami Marathon to graduation parties to city-wide gatherings, we’ve taken part in a whole range of events and have no plans of stopping!

Hiring the right kind of transport for your event can make a big difference. Our vibrant buses can instantly lift spirits as we transport you around Miami’s hotspots, drive you to your event so you arrive in style, or provide a lift for your mascot!

Would you like to collaborate with Rumba Tours? We’re passionate about our amazing city of Miami and love hearing your ideas. Our reliable and fun buses are suitable for parade walks, charitable events and lots more across Miami. For more information or to discuss your ideas get in touch with us today and our team will be happy to help!

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