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Rumba Tours Participates in The Miami Marathon’s 20th Anniversary

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Back after last year's unfortunate cancellation, we had the pleasure of participating in this year's Miami Marathon! The much-anticipated comeback saw runners compete in a number of events over the weekend, with worldwide spectators cheering runners on and our RumbaChiva bus in the center of it all!

What did we do at the Miami Marathon?

The Miami Marathon is one of the city’s biggest events and this year was no different. 2022 was our second time being part of the event and as always we loved getting involved. Our buses hit the road on Sunday 6th February as part of the bus pack to spur runners on to pick up the pace or provide a safe ride for marathon runners that weren’t able to continue running.

We provided a comfortable trip for the incredible participants who could still feel part of the event with a great view of the runners ahead, track, and views. Leading the back of the course, our incredible RumbaChiva and Open Air Party Bus escorted the marathon to victory with pride. As returning members of the Miami Marathon, the incredible energy that fills the city is truly incredible and in true Miami spirit!

We were incredibly proud to see our bus en route around Miami!

Want to hire our bus for a private or public event?

We know Miami inside out so if you're looking for fun, vibrant and reliable transportation for an event, choose us! From onboard graduation parties to city-wide gatherings, events, parades, and more, our team loves taking part in your celebrations.

Hiring the right kind of transport for your event can make a big difference. Our vibrant buses can instantly lift spirits as we transport you around Miami’s hotspots, drive you to your event so you arrive in style, or provide a lift for your mascot!

Why is RumbaTours the best choice of transport?

If you’re looking for a transportation service that’s fun yet professional, we’re the people you need! Large events such as the Miami Marathon require reliable transport - our buses are always well maintained and our drivers know the city like the back of their hands.

Three reasons to choose us for your next event include:

  • Our buses can hold large groups of people and our open-air party bus will provide an amazing view of Miami!

  • Event transportation should stand out and with our buses on-site all eyes will be on you! Our brightly decorated vehicles won’t get lost in the crowd.

  • We’re fun! Our team aims to make your experience the best ever so you can rest assured that your trip with us will put you and your attendees in a great mood!

At Rumba Tours, we’re passionate about our amazing city of Miami. Alongside our range of party bus packages, we’re also available for parades and local events. Whether you’re ready to rumba out on the town in Miami or you’re on for the perfect mode of transport for another occasion, get in touch with us today and our team will be happy to help!

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