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RumbaChiva Featured in a Music Videos

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Our rumba party buses are one of the best experiences you can have in Miami as you let loose and enjoy the party atmosphere. But, we’re also passionate about using our buses in other fun ways too. We’ve been lucky enough to get involved with parades, events and even music videos! Our very own Rumba Chiva featured centre stage in the award-winning video “Mi Gentle” by J Balvin music video!


Why do artists have amazing vehicles in their videos?

Today, it’s rare to see a music video, especially hip-hop tracks, that don’t feature amazing vehicles. Music videos are there to build hype around a song and get people talking so you need a talking point, which is where cars come in. Nothing makes more impact than singing or rapping your lyrics in front of a luxury car like a Bugatti or Ferrari - or on top of a party bus singing to the world!

From Justin Bieber to Drake, you can spot a nice vehicle in the music videos of so many different artists. Nice cars and music now come in hand, bringing another element to the song for people to enjoy, and of course, keeps people interested.

What type of vehicles do they use in music videos?

Sports cars are most commonly used in music videos but it really depends on the type of song as vintage cars and colorful buses are also popular. Having cars in the video can boost a fairly standard shoot to something more exciting and what better way of showing your fans that you’ve made it than having an impressive vehicle on set?

Different vehicles bring different vibes to a music video. A bus, for example, will create a fun party feel to a video so people associate the song with the fun time they have with friends whereas a sports car is more flashy and gets people excited.

At Rumba Tours, our buses are available for our amazing party tours across the city as well as private hire for events. Get in touch with our friendly team today for more information.

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