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Rumbatours Miami Provide Quarantine Fun

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

During this global pandemic, we must stay safe. But social distancing doesn’t mean you have to be bored! Here at Rumba Tours, we’re doing all that we can to bring positivity and fun to the local community of Miami, offering entertainment packages so you and your neighbours can party from a safe boundary!

What does the package include?

The Rumba Tours team have been working hard to keep everyone’s spirits up, especially those in quarantine. If you’ve missed out on your party bus experience due to distancing restrictions or you want to have a little fun during the lockdown, we can bring the party vibes right to your doorstep.

At a safe distance, we’ll bring our party buses to your road and play a 2 hour DJ set complete with your very own mobile bar. All of our buses have been thoroughly sanitized and our staff have safety precautions in place to ensure things can operate in a safe and precautionary manner.

The package includes:

  • 2 hour package outside your house or building

  • Personal DJ

  • Outside speakers

  • Mobile bar

  • Fun party activities

  • Banner with positive messages or birthday messages 

Perfect for:

  • Quarantine birthdays

  • Social distancing street parties

  • Graduations

  • Proms

  • Retirement Parties

  • House Parties

It’s important now, more so than ever before, to look after your well-being and stay as hopeful and positive as you can. Rumba Tours is on hand to inject a little sense of relief during this uncertainty and boost the sense of community in Miami, even from a distance.

Get in touch with us today for more information and spread some joy to those around you!

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