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Surprise a friend organizing a party tour with Rumbatours Miami!

Surprise birthday party
Rumba Squad... Assemble!

Do you want to make a memorable birthday for years to come for your friend? In the past years, party buses have increased their popularity exponentially, and we have become the 1st option when it comes to having a good time in the streets of Miami. You’ll definitely want to capture the moment when the bus pulls up and your friend feels like a VIP celebrating in a quite rhythmic fashion!

To celebrate that special day and make it unforgettable, consider booking an Open Top Party Bus, there are many ways to build up the fun and have a whole different night.

If you are looking for assistance on how to plan a surprise party, you've come to the right place, we can help you with all the details needed such as the decorations, the places you would like to visit and so on. We've celebrated countless birthdays and it's always good to be able to bring that kind of joy to our customers!

One of the perks of booking with us that our riders love the most is the fact that you can actually select the Pick-up and the Drop-off location so that way we can be showing up all of a sudden at your friend’s house and be that big surprise he wasn’t expecting.

Some other perks are:

2 Girls dancing with dance pole in surprise birthday party
No pole no fun!

• You can decorate the bus.

• You get to choose the music.

• You can bring any kind of drink!

• We'll provide you with a cooler.

• You can bring some appetizers

• Even if you are not 21 yet you can still be on the Rumba with your friends!

After all, this being said, it’s safe to say that if you are wondering how to throw a surprise Party Tour for your best friend’s birthday you have found the right place with Rumba Tours Miami, we will help you make that occasion as special as it should be! People like beautiful surprises, you can guess your friend is no different, that’s why we are offering this Tour where you can show that special one, how unique he/she is.

Here on Rumbatours, we have some tips that might come in handy if this is your first time organizing a surprise birthday party:

  • Once you are about to select the date and time of the event for the surprise party, be sure to do it before the actual date of birth of that person, that way they won't see it coming and make them truly surprised.

  • The decoy plan, maybe the most important part, you need to have your friend think he is about to do something out of the ordinary, he must be dressing accordingly to the party and that's why it might get a little difficult but once everything is settled, a Party Bus will be there to surprise him!

  • For the playlist, be sure to select the music that you'll enjoy the most, it can help the party vibe going. If it's fast, intense music, or slow and casual, it works either way since you can always mix it up!

Now that you have the planning basics it's always important to think out of the box in order to reach that "special" for the surprise. There's where Rumbatours comes in motion and shows up in the Open-Top Party Bus of your selection making it quite different and way cooler than any other transportation option.

Even if it’s an Open Top Party Bus, a Rumbachiva, or a Trolley you can plan with us, and be sure we’ll help you make that birthday party unique!

If you have any questions or would like to know more about our packages feel free to reach out at (786)-565-1088.


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