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What to wear for an Open-Air Party Bus

Given that you have that special event coming up you surely want to make that night truly special, it could be a birthday, prom night, or festival, you name it. There’s no better way than arriving in one of our Open Top Party buses. If you never experienced the quality of our parties you may have some questions, here you’ll find all the answers you need.

Do I need to be 21?

You can be partying while riding with your friends even if you are not 21 yet, here on Rumbatours we welcome underage riders who are 12+ as long as a legal guardian accompanies them. For ravers under 18, the ratio is 1 chaperone for every 14 kids.

How does the “BYOB” work?

You can bring any beverages you want, we will provide you with a big cooler full of ice so you don’t have to bother yourself with it. The only condition is that all drinks must be in plastic containers such as plastic bottles or plastic cups, cans are welcome. We have these restrictions since it wouldn’t be safe to be at a party with wheels and have glass hanging around!

What should I wear on a Party Bus?

Party Tour Bachelorette Bachelor What to wear for a party bus
Bachelorette St.

We have a short answer and a long one, the short is: Whatever you want. Enjoy it! The long one: Since our Party Buses are mobile nightclubs you should dress as if you were in a nightclub, of course, this depends on the drop-off you and your group would have. If you are heading to a fancier event, dressing in a pretty sharp suit is recommendable. On the other hand, if you are going to a beach party, wearing light clothes is advisable.

Costume party in open top party bus rumbachiva rumbatours
Wiggin’ it out in the 3-0-5

We encourage our customers to feel free to be themselves while on our tours, that’s why you’ll see our buses with people in costumes, wearing sharp suits for a wedding or showing that “beach party vibe” with the most exotic looks in the Dade ;)

You can match the vibe of Miami with:

  • Cutoff shorts

  • Colorful mini dresses

  • Flowy Rompers

How do you dress casually for a party?

It's safe to say that finding a party bus that'll fit your needs may be a little difficult, with Rumbatours we make that easy for you, letting you express yourself by any means, here you can dress as you feel to, that's why you'll see the following in the Open-Tops:

  • Tees are a very common selection

  • Jeans for the nighttime, shorts for the daytime

  • Footwear (maybe the most important part), since you'll be in a "tight" space, be sure to go as comfy as you can!

Some things to have in mind are that a good indicator of what to wear also relies on the company you'll have for that special night. Is it a team outing for your company? Or a day with the family? Be sure to match the situation standards and ensure being on point!

If the event is work-related you might consider the in-between of a business-casual type of clothes. If it's a day off with your family and friends, jeans and a tee will do just fine.

If you want to be yourself on a special night get ready to be part of the Rumba here!

Feel free to call us at (786) 565 1088 if you have any questions and we will be happy to help you.

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