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Working Together to Deliver Powerful Brand Awareness Campaigns

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Advertising on buses is a great way to share your brand with thousands of people in a direct way which is easy for consumers to understand, and with research suggesting we’re all 33% more alert when we’re away from home it’s easy to see how bus advertising can reach 81% of the population.

Combine this powerful advertising platform with a bright and energetic tour bus brand and the synergies really help to reinforce brand identity and capture public attention…

At Rumba Tours our distinctive party buses offer our customers a unique party bus experience. When they’re ready to rumba in Miami, so are we. Our two-hour tours take in legendary South Beach, amazing Downtown, colorful Wynwood, or stylish Brickell whilst our onboard DJ plays all their favorite rumba music.

Until recently our buses were a blank canvas on the outside, a missed opportunity to work with partners to promote their brands, but in 2019 all that changed…

Our Client

Veza Sur is a Miami-born brewery with Latin and American roots. The brand is all about great brews and hella good vibes in Wynwood! “We like to think of our tap room, terrace with a food truck by Baja Bao as an eclectic urban oasis to enjoy the city cold beer in hand”

The Opportunity

We worked with Veza Sur to design a high impact and memorable campaign, wrapping our buses with Veza Sur branding before driving them around high profile locations in Wynwood and South Beach during the busiest times of day.

With or without our own guests the distinctive look of our buses accentuates their impact as mobile billboards. For this client we designed custom routes to target specific neighbourhoods while offering free rides to the Veza Sur brewery.

Advertising on the side of our vehicles is even more effective than on regular buses because we can reach the places that aren’t even on a regular bus route.

The Results

2,000 people travelled to the brewery on board one of our rumba buses. The combination of mobility, engagement, and visibility ensure that our buses put brands in front of new audiences in a unique format. Today we offer one of the most innovative advertising packages in Miami! That’s why, in 2020, we’ve already delivered campaigns for Art Basel and Superbowl LIV.

"We're really impressed with the impact of this marketing campaign. We've welcomed new audiences to our brewery, we've seen a sustained increase in sales and we love the clear brand alignment between Rumba Tour's buses and our brand!

Find Your Synergy

Our advertising packages are perfect for alcohol brands, concerts, sports and music events as well as for building general brand awareness.

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