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5 Ideas to do at your Open-Air Bachelorette Party

At bachelorette parties, there are some famous activities the bride and her bridesmaids usually make, such as pottery-making, going to a festival or concert, doing a wine tasting, booking a night of karaoke and so much more. But we bring you the coolest idea for your Bachelorette party: Book an Open-Air party bus!

We know how hard it is to plan a unique bachelorette party for your bestie. With our experience working with bachelorette parties, we came up with 5 tips that your bestie will love

5 Ideas to do at your Open-Air Bachelorette Party:

  1. Buy the bride a drink! (QR Scannable code): This is so much fun for the Bride and her bridesmaids! you create a Bachelorette Venmo Account, add the QR code to a graphic, and print! Pin the design to your T-shirt as you walk around the city with your bridesmaids and people buy the Bride a drink! You can also use these T-Shirts at the Rumbatour party!

  2. Big head cutouts with the Groom's face: Add personality to the party with a custom Big Head featuring the image of the Groom and you will have so much fun taking pictures at your Bachelorette Party!

  3. Matching bride and bridesmaid t-shirts: A fun matching bachelorette party t-shirt is perfect for a fun bachelorette party! Usually, the bride has a color and bridesmaids another one different than the bride, but they are all matching. For example, the bride can have a white t-shirt and her bridesmaids a pink one but with the same design.

  4. Custom cups: You can make custom cups for your Open-Air tour! and so each one has her custom cup onboard. You can use your favorite colors, your nicknames, or funny ideas to personalize it.

  5. Photo booth: Making a fun photo booth to take pictures with the bride it's an amazing activity you can do for your party tour!

What does Rumbatours Miami offer for Bachelorette parties?

Rumbatours Miami has been part of many bachelorette parties! We have seen girls having so much fun with their Team, and making so many fun activities while they party, we love being part of these special moments, so for Bachelorette party tours we offer a special discount.

Use our promo code BLOGBACHRT for your bachelorette party tour and you will get 15% off on your booking!

Before you go, read our Rumbatours extra advice list: What NOT to do at a Bachelorette party!

  1. Don't peer pressure the bride.

  2. Don't bail on your besties.

  3. Don't complain about money.

  4. Don't invite extra friends.

  5. Don't mess with the plan.

  6. Don't get too boozy.

Let us be part of this special moment and you and your friends will spend an amazing time and will have the coolest Bachelorette party ever!

Remember to use our promo code BLOGBACHRT at check out for 15% off on your bachelorette party, click on the link below to book your tour!

Feel free to call us at 786 565 1088 and we will be happy to help you.

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