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The Intermediate Guide to the Miami Marlins Party Tour

If you like baseball and partying, then this is something you should definitely check out since Rumbatours Miami can get you both ways!

Imagine being with your friends in a bar on wheels and getting dropped off at LoanDepot Park to see your favorite team get to win. That’s totally possible and it even gets better when we add a DJ to it.

It’s safe to say that arriving anywhere on the Open Top Party Bus might get some glances here and there, so you can guess how bracing would it be to arrive at the Park with your friends all hyped up.

The best part is that once the game is over we can be waiting for you to keep the rumba going while we get you to your desired location.

We are really happy to bring you this VIP experience where you get to be the main character since no NPCs are allowed, this kind of activity is the one that will always be leaving you wanting for more, we actually guarantee that.

You might have some questions about how this would work but let us explain it real quick.

At first, you have 2 options:

Silver Package:

  • One-Way to the Stadium, you can choose where we would be picking you up, it can be any place within the areas we cover.

  • Game Tickets.

Golden Package:

  • Round-Trip Rumba Ride (Post-game return shuttle)

  • Game Tickets.

But surely we have different party buses to get everyone happy and of course, you can select which one you prefer regardless of the package. As for now, we can offer you the Open Top Party Bus and the Rumbachiva. In our buses, you will find some quite interesting extras like LED Party Lights, a cooler with ice for your drinks, the so-mentioned host for your selective music onboard, and of course, a dance pole.

Interested in our Marlins Party Tour? Feel free to reach out in case of any questions! We can assure you that booking with us will make you level up way easier since we get the party started for you while you just have to enjoy it.

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